About Us

Powering the best teams through unique live experiences

Our Story

It started with a Power Suit

Sarah got her first power suit at age 10. Thanks, Mom. Although initially used for important kid endeavors, the suit finally got its chance to shine 10 years later when she started in creative event production. She worked at a myriad of companies, including the gold standard of the industry, Caribiner, before landing at CKC, a full-service event production company. Sarah brings three decades of experience and an absolute love for the job.

Sarah is proud to be a female power suit wearing business owner and CEO. She is courageous, credible, energetic, and audacious. Her vision for the future is full of new partnerships, new challenges and new creative solutions in the production, management, and high-end events world.

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  • Team

    Laugh as hard as you work

    At CKC we believe in integrity, consistency, loyalty, and enthusiasm. We believe in hard, quality work every time. We have a ninja team of the greatest production staff alive, alongside top event contractors. At the root of our philosophy, we are collaborative and nimble. We perform as an extension of our clients. The depth of that relationship makes up the foundation of CKC.

    Our Values

    CKC represents our core values


    Committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations every step of the way.


    Fostering a culture of kindness where we respect each other’s ideas and talent.


    Having the courage to do what we say we will do and follow through.

    The Results

    Tried and True

    I love the live environment, and nobody does it better than CKC.

    - Kevin

    Our leaders request CKC because we know we can count on them and everything will be flawless.

    - Anne

    CKC brings out the best in all of us, and we deliver an amazing program each and every time.

    - Tim

    CKC stands for hard work and dedication for the end product.

    - Laura

    Major name entertainment cancellation a day out, and CKC found a far better replacement!

    - Robert